Each character (heroes and opponents) has Attributes, which determine how strong or weak he/she is in specific actions during the game. The following attributes are used:

AGL - Agility determines how quick and nimble a player is. It factors in the Roll to see if an attack hits or misses (on both sides: the AGL of both the attackers as well as the defender are weighed in).

ATK - Attack sets the striking power of a character. Whenever an attacker make a hit, ATK is used to calculate what damage to apply).

DEF - Defense is the suppressing power of a character. It provides a reduction of the damage applied when a succesfull hit is made on the character.

HP - Health Points is the total amount of damage a character can take. When this reaches 0, the character is defeated and no longer part of the fight (or remaining quest, in case of heroes).

The higher an attribute, the better. Attributes of heroes are increased whenever he/she level's up; the way the attributes are increased is then determined by the Growth Divvying settings.

Attributes are also (temporarily) increased by various bonuses provided by weapons, jewels, innate abilities. For opponents, attributes can also be increased by Companion bonuses.