It is possible for a hero to assist another hero when under attack from an opponent. The assisting hero basically "jumps in front of" the assisted hero, and takes on the incoming attack instead. This allows you to use advanced strategies of combining tough defenders with weak-but-hard-hitting attackers.

A hero will Assist when:

  • He/she has not done a strike in the last turn, and
  • He/she has a higher Def than the attackee, and
  • He/she makes a succesfull Role on the Assist level.

Each hero has an Assist level. This is basically a 100% counter which is reset at the start of each Opponent Turn, and reduced by 25% for each defending action the hero does (so each hero can only do a limited amount of Assists during a turn). Note that Burth has an Innate ability that increases this level, making him a good defender.

The Assist level is shown as a shield: during an Opponent Turn, each hero that can do an Assist will have a shield next to their icon. The transparency of the shield demonstrates the Assist level of that hero.


The blue shield means that Desra can do Assists.

Note that a hero can only assist a direct neighbour, so the hero at slot 1 will not assist the hero at slot 3, and vice versa.

When a hero does an Assist, he/she will get xp for doing so. The formula for gained xp is: (Total ATK from strike)/2 xp.